Saturday, September 17, 2011

More Shots of Peru!

So, my camera was acting up a bit when I was in Europe...but by the time I got to Peru it was having temper tantrums! I missed so many cool shots, but am VERY thankful for the ones that I did get. 

Maybe it is time to get a new camera...hehe!  I've had my eye on the 7D!

Had to take this shot for Billy...he LOVES Coke.

Some plaza shots downtown Lima...these buildings/cathedrals were AMAZING!

I got a few mugs and coffee beans at this Starbucks!

Shopping in Miraflores:

Incan Treasures

Women from the Andes Mountains weaving Alpaca wool.

I got Amariah the cutest little poncho here!

That gorgeous coastline kept changing with the light...

Yes, that is a Tony Romas!

Nina and me! Isn't she a cutie?

See the lit-up cross?

Back to San Borja

random shots...

Clay Tennis Courts

and another game that I do not remember the name of...

 So a few of us got together for Sunday brunch at this fabulous buffet spot:

Wendy and her sweet family

Is she not the most beautiful baby?

Marcella and her handsome guys!

Dinner Saturday night. Follwed by a wonderful sight-seeing tour of downtown Lima.

One of my favorite experiences-delicious fresh juices!

Jorge and Nina. :)

Nina gave me this gorgeous scarf!

driving around the hills...

looking over Lima

What a wonderful, wonderful experience! 

I want to finish off with my highlight of the trip-the sweet Peruvian people. They were some of the warmest, most loving, accepting people I have ever taught! THANK YOU!!! Hope to come back some day! XOXO