Monday, June 20, 2011

Ocean Isle-Part II

I love taking pics...I think they tell the story so much better than I ever could! So sit back and enjoy our pics.

typical vacation hair and attire

bill and his floatie

the big kids in the waves

Michael and Lucia
"birds" which were actually kites. i was innocently dragged into believing otherwise. how do you spell gullible?

my spot in the shade
boo and her flippers


my guys having fun

um...yeah...the little squirt shot those RIGHT at ME!

Sophia and Sarah having fun

the older kids were so good with sophia!

sophia loved dipping her tongue in the water. haha.

jumping in with her daddy

pool football: billy-style

and isaac

and josiah d.
brent relaxin'

my younger boys actually got along most of the time!

our matching suits. we have great taste.
going crabbing
billy waiting for his line to be attacked by a HUGE crab!

breanna got the first crab!

britt's first and LAST crab! she's quite proud of it.

isaac skillfully tossing out a chicken neck

pamela and sophia

sophia meeting a doggie

these two! can you believe them?

they are so sweet together!

ice cream time! (I found a pic of ALL of the kids!)

all the parents

he's getting HOW many scoops?

britt stealing one of those scoops

my crazy kids

gotta love his chin!

yes. his father encouraged THIS!

isaac and billy "thinking"

sophia loving the ice cream
More pics tomorrow! Gotta finish editing the rest first!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Vacation-Ocean Isle, NC!

Last Saturday our family (along with some great friends of ours) headed to North Carolina.

The road trip alone was quite the experience! Just picture eighteen "not-in-the-least-crabby-cause-we-all-got-up-at-4:30am-people" stopping for food...and potty breaks...and being passed by interesting cars! 

"Don't H8 MY 98" HA!

We landed in a gorgeous spot right on the ocean. And there was a pool=perfect mix for me! We love the ocean (we did live in Savannah for 3.5 years)...but there is something about floating lazily in a pool.

 Jonathan and Josiah had to jump RIGHT IN!

 While the older kids (and some adults) ran for the ocean...

Others walked on the beach...

Meet the Galvans...some of the sweetest people you will ever meet (but you gotta watch out for Anthony-he's Trouble-with a capital T!)

We had such a great time with them...and their gorgeous little girl, Sophia. (Our Josiah has her picked out for marriage already. yeah. He's got good taste, huh?)

And meet the Durhams-a wonderful family of six (their kids were in the ocean-pictured above) that we STILL love-even after spending seven days with them! They graciously invited us on this venture...they sure know how to relax, have fun, and find the BEST eateries around.

I do not think I got a single picture of ALL of the kids together...but I do have this shot of the kiddos  pigging out on ice cream!

(missing Michael and Sophia)

The END!!
(featuring Lucia and Isaac)

As soon as I finish editing the 1200+ pics I took I will post my FAVES! So come back!! :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

The 2011 Prima Design Team is up!

 And it is A M A Z I N G!!!!

I am so excited to work with this super-mega-talented group of gals for the whole next year!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

First Blog Post

Although I have been blogging for over five years it was always for work...and never for myself.

So here we go with my first personal blog post! (I've actually had this blog for awhile, but do I ever get over here to blog? Obviously not.)

This is my crazy hubby and me. We met in preschool. Yep. I was 4 and he was 5. Sadly it was NOT love at first sight (at least not for me. I was simply devastated that the teacher set me next to a boy.) And he was WAY shorter than me....till about 9th grade. Maybe it was 11th. He says it was 7th.

We got married in college and started our family. Not sure that was the SMARTEST thing to do, but we survived...BARELY!

We now have three girls and four boys-in that order.  (Proof that hubby gets in a rut!)

 Our oldest, Bethany, got married in college (what's that saying about the apple not falling far from the tree?) and she and Jon have a beautiful little girl named Amariah. They both recently finished college and are heading out into the REAL world now! Woot Woot! (One down, six to go!)


 Okay-project time. Here are a few projects I created for Prima's booth for CHA winter. Although I am working on NEW stuff for summer I cannot show it to you yet! (I know...I hate people who TEASE too. Honest. ;))

 Hubs and me on our 25th anniversary.

 My new favorite person to scrap! (C'mon...I work for Prima and had four boys in a row!)

 Bethany and Amariah

...and a VERY Prima-filled canvas heart album. You have GOT to get one of much fun to play with.

Hopefully I will get over here more than once a year to blog. Hold me to that, okay?