Thursday, February 23, 2012

I'm Still Alive

I promise I am. But life has a way of just sweeping by and before you know it your blog has not been updated in a while. More like a few months. Gulp.

So in a nutshell...after Rome my hubby and I continued our trip to Capri,

and back to Rome, and then on to Paris!

 (more pics to come)

Then we flew back home! haha. It was an amazing trip together. We vowed to start doing this more know...leave the kids behind and take off together. It was like being 19 again. :)

Then I had a tour in Australia and New Zealand....that was absolutely amazing. I LOVE both countries. The trip was long...and exhausting by the end, but the people I met and the places I saw made it all worth it. Really cliche, but oh so true.

Then Christmas hit like a tidal wave. However, I got a tree up, made truffles (well, the kids did), decorated gingerbread houses and got all the gifts bought on time. Christmas was wonderful (except my mom not being there. That was hard.)

Then we had a week of birthdays. Seriously...who planned this out? Who has kids born the week of Christmas? Haha. Happy Birthday to Billy (18) and Bethany (24)!

Then CHA hit! CHA is our big trade show for revealing our newest line of products. Prima always has a HUGE release and that kept me swamped all of January. The show itself was only 4 days, but it turned into a 9 day trip to California because of set-up, etc. I won't bore you with details. :) You know what is so cool about CHA? Seeing everyone again...and meeting new people. I love it. It makes it all worth it.

And did I mention our new booth? Our Creative Director is simply A M A Z I N G!!

Shortly after CHA I headed off to Paris to teach at Pour l'Amour du Scrap.

Hubby came along to eat French food and see the sights. I think he secretly LOVES hanging out with crafty ladies. While I was teaching he was chatting with my friends and adding them on facebook. Oh my. Did I mention that my hubby is on Facebook now? Yeah. Now I have to behave.

I'm home from Paris now and catching up on work...which includes a TON of prep for the Europe Tour taking place in March! YES, did you see our flyer? It's pretty cool.

And I know Israel is not in Europe...but they wanted to have us come in before the tour and I am more than happy to oblige people. :)

Here's hoping I don't wait another three months to update.

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