Monday, August 25, 2014

Happy Birthday, POM!

Today is Prima's fearless leader's birthday!  She is the beautiful founder and visionary force behind the whole company. Her positive "let's try it" attitude keeps Prima on the cutting edge with new products, programs, ideas, and energy! Please join in and help us wish Pom the very HAPPIEST of BIRTHDAYS ever on the Prima blog!!!

Pom copy

Today is YOUR special day, Pom! Enjoy it to the limit! I made a little tag for you from our NEW Special Delivery kit! (Thought you'd like that extra promotion, hehe!)
Pom card sharon2
So Pom and I go a ways back. I have known her for about nine years now. We have some CRAZY memories together...from working trade shows all over the states (and she will help from start to finish!), laughing uncontrollably at everything when out with Josie, Sally, Tami, Cari, and the girls (remember that ONE time talking about noodles???), to hitchhiking in Moscow late at night (yeah...who would ever think we would do that?)

I do treasure each memory though. So today, Pom, I hope you have the most blessed birthday ever!

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