Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Art Venture - Canada

Art Venture Canada was quite the experience! To make a long story short we started a wee bit late, but once we got rolling it was REALLY a blast. I love teaching. I love sharing my passion for new products and new techniques with others. And I really enjoyed each gal sharing their personal photos, their family stories, and their techniques with me. It doesn't matter where I travel, or who I meet in the craft industry...when we find out we both scrapbook we instantly have an artsy connection!

I taught two projects over the two days: an altered telephone titled "Light up Your Life" (and it really did light up!), along with a mixed-media layout titled, "Love Is the Answer."

The telephone was such a fun class to teach. It allowed the gals to customize many elements making each one more personal and unique. I LOVED seeing them come to life.

And who can resist adding a touch of mixed-media elements to their page, finishing it off with a garden of Prima flowers? The frame came in the kit too allowing a perfect way to put each project on display...which is exactly what I plan to do with mine!

Not only were the classes fun, but I have since connected with many of the gals on Facebook after I returned home! And did I mention that I finally met Adrienne Ford? She was on the Prima Design Team for two years and is an amazing artist! It was seriously a highlight to share time with her over our hectic and crazy week-end in Edmonton. Scrapbooking is more than just paper and glue. I especially treasure the friends I have gained over the years...all from a hobby we share! Thank you, AV Canada attendees for the memories and the fun we got to share!!!!!

If you are looking to attend the next Art Venture click right here for more info on the BIGGEST AV ever coming up in Anaheim, California, in January!


  1. Beautiful projects and so happy for you to meet Adrienne IRL! I've met a few bloggy friends and it's always been brilliant!!

  2. your card is absolutely amazing and so beautiful!