Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Projects!

So Prima has some gorgeous, mid-release products that are perfect for all kinds of layouts and projects! It got me in the scrapping mood last week-end and I got a lot done! Normally I take 4-5 hours per project, but these just came together faster. (You know how new product can get you going, right?)

First up is this layout using the new wood typewriter and awesome badge. Aren't they fun?

This layout is extra special as it has Brittany's new business card on it! She graduates from college in just 3 short weeks!!! I am so excited and proud of her. Not only will she graduate with high honors for her GPA, she was also in the Honors program all 4 years (which is a special distinctive program.) For all that extra hard work she will get to wear a maroon hat during the ceremony, and have a fancy seal on her diploma. Booyah!

Britt is just an amazing daughter. She is intelligent, beautiful, hilarious, and has great artistic talent! I love that she has lived at home through-out college. I love hearing about her day...laughing with her...and hearing her stand firm in her faith at a secular college. She is truly someone I admire and respect. And her business card design simply rocks. Love ya, Britt!

Next up is a layout of me and my four boys. I snapped these pics of us with my iphone right before I headed out the door on my trip to Israel/Europe last month. (I love looking at their pics when I am away. I will snuggle in bed and flip through my iphone pics till I get sleepy. lol. CRAZY habit, but it makes my kiddos the last thing I think about before I drift off to sleep.)

The cool wood shapes are PERFECT for boy-ish projects! I seriously LOVE these. With four boys and all their different pics I find that I just do not have enough products that fit really well for their layouts.

 (And I also love being a mom to four boys.) Most days my girls are at school or work and it's just the boys and me at home. They are home-schooled so we really are together A LOT. I just wouldn't have it any other way though. I find that they treat me extra special...especially when dad is on a business trip. They are so sweet...they open doors for me, carry the groceries, make me coffee, take out the trash, etc.

Of course they are also totally normal BOYS who make messes, fight, try to skip schoolwork, etc, but, overall, I just am thankful that God knows what is best for us. He knew I needed these four boys after the three girls and I feel so very blessed to have them in my life.

 Here are a few other close-ups. This letter opens up to reveal hidden journaling. (It's hidden, so you don't get to see it. haha!)

My last layout was really difficult to do. The creating part was a blast. I loved getting messy with gesso and other products. But, when it came time to journal I had a HARD time.

It's been over a year since my mom passed away. This picture was taken when I was up visiting her in the hospital. Things didn't look good.  Things turned, from what we all thought was just an infection, to a more serious, terminal condition.

I took a break from the hospital, and the kids and I went to sit by the nearby lake. Next to me was this heart-shaped rock. I know it is just a rock, but it was a reminder I needed to hear that day...that God was there for me; that He knew what I was going through; and that, no matter what, He would carry me through it all. Such a simple message and such a simple way to deliver it, but I find God often sends His messages to us that way if we are in need. My Rock truly carried me through those tough months.

Lastly I have this Donna Downey canvas ATC to show off! No great message about this one; except it was so much fun to create!

I used masks, sprays, glass bead gel, and LOTS of Prima on this project! And it displays our new wooden birdie! LOVE those birds.

All project details and product list can be on on the Prima Marketing Blog!

And look "Prima Marketing Flowers" up on Facebook for a few give-aways of these products!

THANKS for looking!!


  1. Such a great inspiration on these projects. I love the canvas ATC. Do you accept a swap? :)

  2. Hi Sharon,

    LoVe all of these but I'm crazy about the fabulous turquoise flower and the sweet wooden bird!
    Thank you for sharing the fun!