Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Highlights of 2012

Facebook created a 2012 Highlight album the other day and it prompted me to make my own...right here...on my blog!

2012 had some really high highs, and some really low lows.  I know life cannot be perfect, but as I get older I wish more and more for the highs and for less of those stinky lows. lol.

So, for 2013, I chose the word "boundaries".

I know God has been prompting me to establish better ones in my life. My hubby, my kids, and I all need it. I am going to do my best to marginalize the negatives...I'm not going to be pulled down by negative people or be tangled in their pointless dramatic webs. Nope. Those are all going outside my new boundaries. I will be looking for positives to bring inside...those who are kind and giving...those who are true friends...those who really care deep in their heart to do good. I know this will help me, and thus, my family, to truly use my gifts to help others and keep my mind, soul, and body healthier.

great link on setting boundaries 

and another fab site 

and one more just for good measure!

So to wrap up 2012 and start 2013 off with a fresh feel I would love to share a few glimpses of 2012 picture-style! I used all of my vacation and comp days to teach and visited quite a few countries in a short time. It was exhausting and refreshing at the same time! I met so many amazing people around the world adding some new friends to my circle. As I traveled I realized we are ALL basically the same. We just live in different worlds with different foods and languages. We all wish for good things and dislike the bad.


My project in the Ranger booth!

My precious granddaughter!

Valentine's Day in Paris with Bill!


Prima's Spring Tour-love these Israeli ladies!
Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem
Camel riding near the West Bank
Floating in the Dead Sea
Teaching in southern France!

Making friends in Geneva!

Teaching fabulous gals in Switzerland

Teaching a huge group of amazing ladies in Spain

Break time in Spain with wonderful gals

Teaching in Norway to a FAB group of girls

In the Netherlands again!

Paris in April!

Teaching beautiful French ladies

Laduree Macarons at the airport for my kiddies!

UK's National Championship win while I was in Paris! (UK is the college in my hometown.)

May-Britt's Art Display

Billy and Brayden's baptism

Britt's college graduation

Grandma and Grandpa visiting us

State awards for TBQ
May-TBQ Regionals for the older boys
Loving on Amariah!
May-Billy's home-school graduation
King's Island with the fam
June-lazy summer day with Johnny and Josiah

June-staying up LATE talking with a bestie
July-TBQ Nats with my boys

TBQ Banquet
Brayden winning 2nd place in the 1-on-1
August- CHA Prima booth

Color Run with the kids and friends

August-Britt and Jobes get engaged!
Meeting Leeza Gibbons

Jumping with a few classy ladies!
Musical time with the boys

Brazil Tour with Scrap Sampa!
Papel Arteiro students-so much fun

In Rio having lunch with some special ladies

Finding my Starbucks mugs with Rommel and Cari


I am just not sure what we were doing.

Classic Rio
September-Brazil Tour continues

Meu Scrap staff and interpreters!

Sao Paulo Scrap Sampa classes

Scrap Sampa classes day 2-amazing!
shopping in Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo Cathedral

hehe-Brazilian models

Scrap Sampa good-bye. sniff

Russia Classes

With Pom and Elina in Moscow

St Basil's

With Elena in the subways
After Russia I met Bill in Belgium!

Meeting the talented Anna Dabrowska again!

First time meeting Iris! Love meeting my Prima girls!

Prima make-n-takes in Belgium


Hubby and I skipped over to Venice for 2 short days!

Home again and making pies with Amariah

Pumpkin carving with the fam

And Breanna thinks I am dramatic?

Britt and Jobes with their pumpkin

November-Miss Amariah
Family Picture day-the guys

my girls

Will & Breanna

Little Miss Amariah

Bill and I

our whole clan

Britt and Jobes




Jon, Bethany and Amariah


The Galliers announcing a NEW grandbaby for us!

December-Christmas Day with the people who are near and dear!


  1. What a beautiful journey, Sharon! Thank you for sharing with us!
    Happy New Year!!!!!
    Hugs ~Gerry~

  2. Fantastic, I loved seeing this, it was almost like a story. Beautiful, thanks for sharing!

  3. What a beautiful family you have! Such adventures you had this year!!! It was amazing to meet you in Chicago at CHA! I am amazed at your energy and patience! Happy New Year!

  4. I love the "2013" word of the year. The recap pictures are fantastic. ;) - Carmen

  5. I just watched your video on Jumpstart. AWESOME!!! Thank you for taking the time to share. I wanted to add to your BOUNDARIES subject. I entered that world of setting boundaries quite a few years ago. Minirth-Myer (Christian counseling clinic) had a new book out "Boundaries" by Dr. Cloud & Dr. Townsend. It changed my life...I agree it is one of the hardest and most important things we must do. (The other is forgiveness and goes w/the boundaries). Anyway, they have now expanded and have materials out for children, teens, couples & men. A great resource. Hope you get a chance to take a look at it. BTW, it's so wonderful to find that you are a Christian too...AWESOME!!!
    My site: www.seebeautyallaround.blogspot.com

  6. Wow! Loved your photos and your journey. Thanks for sharing your year. Happy 2013!!

  7. What beautiful photo memories (thats a lot of scrapbooking!!) Despite the time away from your family, you were definitely lucky to have traveled so much and to such beautiful places. I can only imagine what awesome experiences you had. BTW - loved your video on CJS!